It's Easy to Use KirbyCard.

1) Dial the access number that corresponds to the location you are calling from: See full list here.

2) Enter your Kirby pin.
(Customize your pin number to be recognizable from any phone you wish and skip this step!)

3) follow prompts to enter the phone number

How do I recharge my calling card?

If you are an auto recharge customer your card will automatically recharge when your balance is below five dollars.

To recharge your card on your own, 24 hours a day:
- Dial your local access number.
- Enter your pin number
- When asked for the phone number you’d like to call, enter: *#* (star, pound, star)
- After that follow the prompts to recharge your card.

To manually recharge your card (or to become an auto recharge customer) call our customer service department at 1.866.KIRBYCARD.