The Prepaid calling card that never expires.
Use your cell phone to make low cost international calls. Order KirbyCard

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$100 Kirby Card Rates

2.9 ¢

Per Minute to

USA Canada

5.9¢ per minute to Israel

$25 Kirby Card Rates

3.9 ¢

Per Minute to

USA Canada

6.9¢ per minute to Israel

*additional 3¢ to toll free numbers in US, Israel, Canada. 15.9¢ to a cell phone in Israel. Please view the rates page for all other countries.

Why Choose KirbyCard


Set your calling card to automatically recharge when your balance is below $5


Your pin number is recognizable from any phone you choose

Low Cost

No monthly fees or additional charges

Support a Great Cause

When you use The KirbyCard, you aren’t just enjoying the benefits of a low-cost, prepaid calling card. The KirbyCard’s profits support Oorah, a nonprofit organization that offers social, educational, and religious services to thousands of families throughout the world. Oorah’s many programs include TheZone summer camp, ChillZone youth groups, TorahMates partnerships, education assistance, events and holidays, and more.
Kirbycard is affiliated with Kars4Kids, a national nonprofit car donation organization. Follow Kars4Kids on Facebook and LinkedIn, and if you haven't yet heard their famous jingle, you can listen to it here.