Are these rates applicable at all times?
  Yes, they apply 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Can I call from outside the U.S.?
  The Kirbycard can be used for calls originating out of the USA. Here are a list of countries >>
Are there any additional fees or charges?

No, there are no monthly fees or any other additional charges.

When calling from a payphone you can decide if you'd like to use the toll free number with or without the surcharge. Rates per minute vary for each toll free number. Click here for details >>

What are the rates?
  You will be charged 3.9 cents a minute from anywhere in the U.S. for calls to Israel or Canada when using a local access number.
How do I recharge my calling card?
  1. If you are an auto recharge customer your card will automatically recharge when your balance is below five dollars.

2. To recharge your card on your own, 24 hours a day:
       - Dial your local access number.
     - Enter your pin number
     - When your asked for the phone number you’d like         to call enter: *#* (star, pound, star)
     - After that follow the prompts to recharge your         card.
  3. To manually recharge your card (or to become an auto recharge customer) call our customer service department at 1.866.KIRBYCARD.
What happens if my card runs out of money while I'm using it?
  If you’re in middle of a call and your balance is down to 0 you’re call will be interrupted by an operator. If you’d like to recharge the card all you need to do is follow the prompts.
How will I be charged when a local access number isn't available?
  We provide a toll free access number (1-800-432-4963) for an additional charge of 3 cents a minute. For example, a call to Israel would cost 3.9 plus 3 cents a minute, for a total of 6.9 cents a minute.
How will I know how much time is left on my card?
  Before each phone call, you will receive your available balance. And the amount of minutes available to the specific destination
What is Speed Dial?
  You can store up to 30 specified numbers that can be dialed with only 2 digits. Call us at 866.KIRBYCARD and we’ll program your card.
How is the call billed?
  The call is billed in full minute increments. You will not receive a call detail or anything else from us in the mail.
If I have any service problems, what can I do?
  Email to our Customer Service Department and one of our representatives will get back to you shortly.
Can I cancel my card and get my money back?
  No, the Kirby Card is not refundable. Call customer service to resolve any issues.
What does 'ANI pin number' mean?
  To make life simpler, you no longer have to punch in your pin # when using your calling card. You can customize your pin number to be
recognizable from any phone you wish!
How do I use the ANI recognition feature?
  Just call us at 866.KIRBYCARD, and we can program as many phone numbers as you would like.
1. This feature will only work if the phone number you are calling from is a recognizable number. Sometimes office phone numbers are not recognized. In addition, some numbers are just not recognizable. Can use this feature on a cell phone.

2. Can make your pin recognizable from as many phones as you want - your home phone,your cell phone, second home line....

3. Do not to activate this feature from phones that are for public use. Others will then have access to the pin number and then customer will be charged.
When does my card start getting billed?
  You are billed upon connection. Once a person or answering machine picks up at the other end your call is considered connected.
Is the Kirbycard prepaid?
  Yes, our Kirbycard is prepaid.
How do I use the kirbycard from my cell phone?
  Click here for instructions.